Simple .NET/ASP.NET PDF document editor web control SDK

would otherwise cause problems will result in an error in the script. For example, if a bug in the generated HTML prevents a button from rendering properly, the script will fail as a result of the missing button, whereas the HttpUnit script might successfully submit the associated form regardless.

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However, you need to remember that BasicEffect is a special case of the Effect class, which is powerful and flexible, and gives programmers all the control they need to manipulate advanced effect techniques, such as the use of custom-made shaders (discussed in the next chapter) Because BasicEffect is simpler, but is still an Effect, you must use the previous code in every program you create However, you don t need to worry about which types of techniques a program can use, or which passes can compose each of these techniques You ll just use this code as a blueprint, because for now, the important point is the convenience BasicEffect can provide programmers through its properties When creating the sample 3D game in the next chapter, you will learn more about effects 9 explains shaders, techniques, and passes in detail..

After the importers process the content, when the game is running, the processors will read this content and generate an object the game can handle. Finally, the game uses the content manager to read such objects so they can be easily used. You can extend the content compiler to include new processors, and you can also extend the Content Pipeline with new importers, so you don t need to stick to the predefined formats.

Regression tests are not a particular type of test; they are merely tests created in order to verify that a resolved bug has been fixed. Regression tests are intended to ensure that bugs that have been fixed are not accidentally reintroduced as a result of later changes to the implementation. For every unique bug that is fixed in the application after it has officially gone live, a corresponding regression test should be created and included in the test suite. It is a lamentable fact that many applications have bugs that reoccur time and time again precisely because no regression suite has been created for them. In most cases, bugs will arise as a result of mistakes in the code, and the regression test is merely an addition to the existing unit test suite to catch the special case that was missed during development. A comprehensive unit test suite in conjunction with a growing regression test suite will lead to an application whose quality never decreases over time, avoiding the notorious bit rot that sometimes seems to affect older applications as they fail to adapt to their changing environment.

Tip You can find many examples of how to extend the Content Pipeline at the XNA Creators Club web site

In this chapter, you have looked at the techniques and tools available to you to correctly test your Spring application s components. If you follow Spring s IOC techniques, you will find it easy to create comprehensive test suites that increase the quality of your code and increase the ease with which you can make architectural changes.

( For instance, the skinned mesh sample presents a Content Pipeline extension to read animation data from FBX files.

he Spring IDE plug-in for Eclipse enhances the Eclipse environment by providing a variety of features that make it easier to work with Spring projects. The Spring IDE provides tools for creating, validating, viewing, and editing your Spring configuration files. A particularly attractive feature is the provision of autocompletion when editing bean definitions. Although the Spring IDE is a separate project from Spring itself, there are developers who participate in both projects, so there is excellent support for the latest Spring features. In this appendix, I discuss the installation of the Spring IDE and then briefly present the features related to editing and viewing bean and Spring Web Flow definitions. It is not possible to discuss all of the Spring IDE features in depth in this appendix. I would recommend installing and working with the plug-in initially as an aid to the creation of bean definition files. The autocompletion feature works in a manner nearly identical to the Java source autocompletion features. After you are familiar with these aspects of the plug-in, you should visit the Spring IDE website ( to learn more about the tool.

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